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Concrit here, please. I want to improve the way I play Rosiel in any means possible. I love playing him, and I don't want to come off as OOC, so if you have ANY issues, adress them here. Flaming will not be tolerated and I'll most likely ignore that kind of commenting.

Anon commenting is ON, IP logging is OFF.

~~/o/ ♥


ALSO. If we're threading, I'm not on IRC and you need to get a hold of me, or if there's anything else you're concerned about, tag this post, and I'll be sure to get back to you asap. ♥

aaah this is dumb /o\

Upgraded the cosplay a little bit, made another outfit, etc. Those wings were a complete pain to make, just. Saying. I originally had three wings in plan, but I couldn't manage to finish the third one, so it's being done to another time. Man, this entire cosplay is the most stressful project I've ever worked on, sewed the entire coat OVERNIGHT because I was running out of time, but oh OH it was so worth it.

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Truth be told, I've wanted to do this for several years now

Posting this here because I felt like it was sort of relevant :3

I cosplayed at the Swedish yaoi-convention B.L.Y.G. last weekend. I did the simplest of his outfits I could find, because I had little time and not too much money, but I'm really happy with it. Next time it'll be a bit more elaborate. (And I'll find someone to cosplay with too.)

This is just a few of the... very very many pictures I took fff I haven't had energy to edit them all.

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Can I badtouch/control/etc you?

Rosiel's the badtouch angel incarnate of Angel Sanctuary. He'll probably go have fun with camp citizen's as well. Which brings me to the very important question:

Are you okay with potential badtouch of your character, getting fed pills for control, Rosiel reading your mind, have Rosiel go Rosiel on you etc? Also if your character might retaliate, would be able to stop Rosiel/resist his powers etc etc? I won't do anything unless I've talked it out with you before, even if you answer this post. A lot of things will probably come up as threads happen, and I'll always tread carefully and make sure everyone's okay with what's happening.

You can also use this entry to tell me if there's anything important with your characters that might ping Rosiel if he meets them! (Also if your characters knew the previous Rosiel, feel free to add that too o/)